Don't let America forget history
11 December 2009

Todd Stern, the US Special Envoy for Climate Change doesn't think rich nations owe a climate debt.

Speaking at a press conference about the USA's role in creating climate change he said:

The sense of guilt or culpability or reparations, I just categorically reject that.

Todd Stern, US Climate Change Envoy

With President Obama, the US has a unique opportunity to take the lead on tackling climate change.

But Stern is threatening Obama's chances.

What does Todd think?

Todd Stern wants the world to forget history, to forget rich nations' past emissions, to forget all previous legal commitments.

Instead he wants the poorest subsistence farmer in Africa to have the same responsibility for tackling climate change as an American with a private jet.

A generation which ignores history has no past: and no future.

Lazarus Long, from the works of Robert Heinlein

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Todd Stern, US Special Envoy for Climate Change

© Michael Gross/Wikimedia Commons

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