Blame Canada - because this time it's true
10 December 2009

Today's Copenhagen action alert.
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Yesterday Canada's delegation in Copenhagen tried to kill off the only international legally-binding climate change agreement we have - the Kyoto Protocol.

They were arguing that the base year for future cuts in emissions should be changed from 1990 to 2006.

This neatly ignores 15 years of pollution, during which Canada's emissions have doubled.

The Canadians' proposal means only a 2.6% reduction on 1990 levels. But the current science says we should be aiming for a cut of 40% based on 1990 levels.

It's no wonder Canada was named Fossil Fool of the Day by 400 NGOs in Copenhagen.

An innocent stooge in South Park the Movie
- this time Canada really is to blame

Canada is gaining a reputation for playing dirty on climate issues.

The problem with tar sands

The government has a policy of trashing its own environment by producing fossil fuels from tar sands.

Forests have been felled, indigenous peoples removed from their land and vast quantities of CO2 released.

The tar sands are one reason why Canada has failed to meet its targets under the Kyoto Protocol.

And it's one of the reasons why Friends of the Earth Canada is taking the Government to Court over its appalling climate change failure.

Take action

Tell the Canadian Prime Minister the Right Honourable Stephen Harper to:

  • Stop being a bad influence in the Copenhagen talks.
  • Stop the destructive practice of extracting oil from tar sands.
  • Commit to cut Canada's emissions by 40% by 2020 based on 1990 levels.

You can also phone the Canadian embassy in London and leave them a voicemail to tell them stop trashing the agreement and destroying the planet. Their number is: 020 7258 6421. Please let us know if you leave a message!

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