Cancun alert: Bolivia and Tuvalu stand strong
9 December 2010

The Cancun talks are heading towards the precipice - but 2 key countries are remaining strong.

Campaigners from across the world are doing great work trying to steer the talks in the right direction. But an outcome built upon the ineffectual and unjust Copenhagen Accord now looks likely.

And despite the climate catastrophe this risks, many countries are being bullied into endorsing this flawed document.

But some of the countries on the front line of climate change impacts - including Bolivia and Tuvalu - are holding out for a strong and fair agreement.

In Copenhagen we rejected the Copenhagen Accord and we continue to reject it. It is a hollow agreement to meet short term political needs.

Hon Enele Sopoaga's, Tuvalu Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Environment and Labour

We want these countries to know they're not alone.

Take action

Bolivia and Tuvalu may feel they're among only a handful of principled countries who want a fair and strong agreement in line with the science and equity - but their position is backed by millions of people around the world.

Please ask the delegation of Bolivia and Tuvalu, on behalf of the peoples of the world, to continue to push for the right agreement to stop catastrophic climate change.

If possible please add your own personal message to the draft text below - saying why you think it's so important they continue to stand strong.

(The Bolivian delegation will receive your message directly and our campaigners in Cancun will deliver the message personally to the Tuvalu delegation.)

ActionSend your message today

Dear President Morales and Hon Enele Sopoaga,

You can contact me by email (preferably - to save resources) or at the following address:

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