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Email Ofgem to support renewables through green electricity tariffs

Sadly, we no longer produce a green electricity league table.

This decision was not taken lightly - as we believe it is vital that individuals are empowered to take personal action to tackle climate change.

Friends of the Earth does, of course, still support green electricity tariffs in principle.

However, we have decided that we can't continue putting huge resources into what should be a government responsibility.

Briefing note

The way forward

Thousands of people have joined us in asking Ofgem to sort out a certification scheme for green tariffs. Thanks to your help this is now happening.

The details of the new scheme are not yet finalised, but Ofgem thinks that carbon offset schemes and nuclear power could feature in the new tariffs.

We think that the tariffs should instead help tackle climate change by only including renewable electricity sources.

What you can do

Press for change

Send an email to Mr Alistair Buchanan, Chief Executive of Ofgem, calling for a renewable electricity tariff accreditation scheme.


Email Mr Alistair Buchanan,
Chief Executive of Ofgem

Please send an email to Mr Buchanan by filling out the form below and clicking on Send Email

Dear Mr Buchanan,

Yours sincerely,

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