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85% of us want to see more clean British power from our wind, sun and water.

1. Tell Energy Secretary Ed Davey to switch our UK power supply to renewable energy and earn yourself a nomination for a CBE.

2. Make a personal commitment to cleaning up British energy by switching your own energy to a green supplier - and going on to earn a CBE.

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1 Email Ed Davey

Dear Mr Davey,

I want you to award the country a CBE: a Clean British Energy revolution. It's time to switch from dirty imported fossil fuels and develop clean British power from our wind, sun and water.

Your Electricity Market Reform plans must:

  • Listen to what people want and tap into Britain's wind and tidal resources - the best in Europe - and solar
  • Ensure the UK isn't locked into another generation of expensive, imported gas
  • Close the door on expensive nuclear power, which is subsidised by the taxpayer and leaves a legacy of dangerous waste
  • Reverse the domination of the power market by just a handful of big companies - so new, clean companies get a look-in
  • Help millions of people around the country plug into affordable clean power and end the scandal of dangerously cold homes




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2 Switch your supplier

We have teamed up with the gold-standard green energy suppliers Ecotricity and Good Energy for the Clean British Energy campaign. By switching to one of these you can escape the stranglehold of the Big Six energy companies and earn yourself a CBE.

Britain's first and foremost green energy supplier - for the greenest possible outcome from your energy bills, our legendary customer service and a Big Six price match.

All our electricity is renewable. No other energy supplier in the UK can promise that.

It's generated by a community of independent suppliers across Britain - and usually costs less than the Big Six's standard tariffs.

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