Climate Change

Demand a clean power future
25 January 2013

Floods in Britain. Heatwaves in Australia. Hurricane Sandy in the US. Climate change is happening, and it's proving devastating.

Yet despite all this, George Osborne and his friends in the fossil fuel industry want a dirty new dash for gas. This would break our climate change commitments and lock us into a high-carbon future.

We're demanding a 2030 clean power target in the Energy Bill to create long-term certainty for investors in green industry and jobs.

There's a real chance we could win, and see Britain switch from fossil fuels forever.

How do we know this? Because tens of thousands of Friends of the Earth supporters have already called for clean British energy, creating massive support across businesses, unions and charities.

Now the Bill is in Parliament, it's time to win over MPs.

A Committee of MPs is debating the Energy Bill, right now. Please take this action to get your MP backing a 2030 clean power target.

Thanks for your interest, but this action has now expired.

Please visit our online actions page for other actions you can take to support our campaigns.