Building up the pressure
7 November 2008

We have to revolutionise the way we power the UK. That way we can tackle the twin challenges of:

  • Climate change.
  • Spiralling fuel bills.

Tapping into the vast renewable energy potential of the sun, wind, tides and waves will:

  • Help keep global temperatures in check.
  • Provide a secure and lasting energy supply.
  • Generate jobs and business.

Time to act

We can radically transform our energy networks to achieve a low carbon future. But this requires bold political decisions.

The Government needs to launch a huge and ambitious Apollo-style energy programme. It must make renewables the number one source of energy in the UK.

Did you know?
Only eight years after its announcement the Apollo programme succeeded in getting a man to the moon.


In June 2009 the Government will publish a Renewable Energy Strategy. As a first step to delivering an energy revolution it is critical that this strategy does two important things.

  • Stick to its promises
    Deliver at least 15% of UK energy from renewables by 2020.
  • Rig the system
    Restructure the energy industry to prioritise renewable energy sources.

Join the energy revolution today

Climate change is a problem we all must tackle together. The Government needs to know that people all over the country want them to act.

Please ask your MP to support a strong and sustainable Renewable Energy Strategy.

Thanks for your interest, but this action has now expired.

Please visit our online actions page for other actions you can take to support our campaigns.

Building up the pressure

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