Climate Change

Government fails communities on fracking
9 December 2013

Earlier this year the Government published guidance on how and where companies could drill for oil and gas. 

What's surprising is that they chose not to consult the public. We've spoken to the Government about this but they're not listening yet.

This reflects their apparent lack of concern for what local people, local authorities and experts think.

Taking a closer look

The Government's guidance fails to:

  • Protect communities - failing to spell out that developments should be refused where there are unacceptable adverse impacts.
  • Involve communities - failing to mention how local people should be involved
  • Protect the environment - failing to encourage local authorities to consider the full impacts of fracking on climate change, air and water pollution.

Secret drilling

In addition, they've announced that they want to end the practice of notifying people about onshore oil and gas drilling beneath their homes.

The Government shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.

Please write to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government about your concerns and ask him to:

  • Consult communities on the fracking and planning guidance.
  • Drop the changes that will allow secret drilling under homes.
  • Confirm commitment to tackling climate change in planning.

ActionEmail Mr. Pickles about your concerns with the planning guidance

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