Ask your Council to support action on climate change
22 May 2008

The UK Government has changed how it measures the performance of local government. Councils must now report how much climate-changing carbon dioxide they release.

Cutting carbon emissions must be one of your Council's key targets if we are to tackle climate change quickly and effectively.

Some councils are already setting a good example:

  • London Borough of Merton
    - insists all new development over a certain size includes on-site renewable energy schemes.
  • Woking Borough Council
    - has pioneered highly efficient neighbourhood combined heat and power schemes

Other ways councils can cut carbon dioxide emissions include:

  • Improving public transport.
  • Routes for walking and cycling.
  • Car clubs.
  • Free climate change advice.

The Government has published a national policy for tackling climate change, which councils should use when putting together plans for your area. It's called Planning Policy Statement 1: Supplement Climate Change.

Please ask your council to ensure that new developments are considered in light of this latest policy on climate change.

Sorry this action has now expired.

Please visit Press for change for other actions you can do.

Solar panels on Woking council buildings

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