More local action to cut CO2 is vital
1 June 2010

Around 80 per cent of the UK's emissions are from local activity - things like how we heat and power our homes and how we get about.

Friends of the Earth is calling for a nationwide system of local carbon budgets to drive ambitious emissions cuts.

Local councils would get help to lead effective carbon reduction strategies in their local area.

Action at a local level is key if we are to meet our national emissions reduction targets.

There are benefits for local people too, including energy efficient homes, lower fuel bills, better public transport and more renewable energy.

Email your MP

Ask your MP to support Local Carbon Budgets being introduced in this session of Parliament.

If you can personalise this letter it will have an even bigger impact. For example you could name your council and mention any good things or bad things it has done to tackle emissions.

Sorry this action has now expired.

Please visit Press for change for other actions you can do.

Two men installing solar panels on a roof

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