Ask your MP to improve the Climate Change Bill
8 September 2008

MPs will vote today, Tuesday 28 October, on making final changes to the Climate Change Bill.

This could be your last chance to ask your MP to improve the Bill.

Since the launch of The Big Ask in May 2005, over 200,000 of you have been in contact with your MP.

The result? The Government introduced a Climate Change Bill.

Great news

In early October the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) advised the Government on the Climate Change Bill.

They said the 2050 target must be raised from 60%-80% ... and the Government agreed shortly after. This real progress.

Could still be better

But the advice also said that all emissions should be included in the target.

Currently the Bill excludes the UK's share of international aviation and shipping emissions. This is like a drink-driving law that doesn't count the effects of whisky.

Now we need to make sure the Government listens to all the CCC's advice.

A stronger Climate Bill

MPs can sign to show their support for amendments which make the improvements we are asking for.

And of course they must vote for them today.

Whether or not you have previously contacted your MP on The Big Ask - please email them today, to ask them to support and vote for these vital amendments.

Thanks for your interest, but this action has now expired.

Please visit our online actions page for other actions you can take to support our campaigns.

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