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17 December 2009

Today's Copenhagen action alert.
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In Copenhagen, the clock is ticking and the pressure is growing for the people of Africa.

A 2 degree global temperature rise will mean 3.5 degrees for Africa, with devastating impacts including droughts and famines which threaten millions of lives.

African governments are pushing for a strong and fair deal, with a target in line with the science.

But the rich countries, including the UK, are bullying the developing countries into accepting less money and weaker targets. Current proposals of Euro 10 billion in fast start funding are insulting to Africans when the UN says finance of US $500 - 600 billion per year is needed globally by 2020.

Today we will send a letter to the main newspapers in Ethiopia, who are leading the African Union, signed by as many people as possible, urging them to resist the bullying and supporting calls from all African countries for a strong and fair agreement.

Civil society and parliamentarians across Africa are also encouraging the African Union to stay strong. Our letter will help bolster their efforts and support Ethiopian delegates at Copenhagen in resisting the pressure.

Please add your name to the letter as soon as possible so we can get it to the papers.

The Ethiopian print deadlines mean we have to act fast so please take action now.

ActionThe letter

Dear friends,

We, the undersigned, are writing to you to tell you that we support the great efforts being made by African nations to secure a climate change agreement in Copenhagen that: keeps global temperature increases to less than 1.5 degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels; ensures that adequate finance is provided to African nations from dependable sources; and that ensures rich countries cut their emissions by at least 40 per cent by 2020 from 1990 levels without offsetting. Many of us are from the rich countries in the north. We are appalled by the reports that our governments are arm twisting, bullying and threatening developing countries into accepting a deal which is neither scientifically sound nor based on justice, and which will have devastating impacts on people in Africa. Current proposals of Euro 10 billion in fast start funding are insulting when the UN says finance of US $500 - 600 billion per year is needed globally by 2020. We urge Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and other African leaders to stand strong against this bullying. We support the call of African people for a strong and fair climate change agreement.

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