Call on Lord Mandelson to save wind energy jobs
10 June 2009

The UK has the best wind resources in Europe. Wind power can help us radically transform our energy networks to achieve a low carbon future.

Vestas turbines at Horns Reef windfarm in Denmark

It is a key technology to help us meet our target of 15% renewable energy by 2020.

Closures ahead

But England's only large-scale wind turbine manufacturing plant is set to close.

The Vestas facility in Newport on the Isle of Wight is due to close at the end of July. This will mean the loss of over 600 jobs with production being transferred to China and the USA.

Did you know?

The factory is due to close within hours of Government announcing plans to build a green economy and create 400,000 jobs.

The Times

Joint forces

Friends of the Earth is joining with trade union Unite in calling on the Government to save our country's wind power jobs.

Investment is needed in the renewables industry to ensure it survives the recession.

The Government talks about how green jobs will help the country climb out of the recession, so we hope they will take action.

Jack Dromey, Unite deputy general secretary

Action needed

The Government must provide:

  • A secure future
    For the Vestas plant.
  • Investment to expand the electricity grid
    both on and offshore.
  • Innovation in electricity networks
    to allow more decentralised generation.
  • Solutions to promote
    greater acceptance of onshore wind.
  • A long term vision
    for green jobs in the UK.
  • Development
    for skills for renewable energy.

Please ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills to act now and save the UK's wind power industry.

ActionCall on Lord Mandelson to save wind energy jobs

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Horns Reef windfarm Denmark

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