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Green the Energy Bill

Investment in renewable energy is desperately needed to combat climate change.


But the Government provides little support to smaller scale renewable projects like:

  • Solar panels on home or business roofs
  • Wind turbines on farms
  • Community owned schemes

Friends of the Earth has called for a renewable energy reward - often known as a ‘feed-in tariff'.

Did you know?

Helped by a feed-in tariff, Germany generates 200 times more solar power than England.

This would support renewables for homes, businesses and the community.

Power to the People

A feed-in tariff is a duty on energy companies to pay a guaranteed, long-term, premium price for electricity generated by renewable sources.

Homeowners who invest in things like solar panels would get benifits such as:

  • Better return
    A premium price means more money back.
  • Long-term guarantee 
    The price is fixed for up to 25 years making your investment secure
  • Simple to use
    Unlike current policies.

Take action

The UK Energy Bill is going through Parliament now.

There is an urgent need for a reward to support smaller-scale renewable energy schemes. 

Feed-in tariffs have successfully boosted renewable energy in 17 European countries.

Ask your MP to support a renewable energy reward in the Energy Bill.

It's a three step process:

  1. Find your local MP
  2. Choose a contact method
  3. Send a letter by email, fax or print out to post*

Step 1 of 3: Find your local MP   Action

Type your postcode in the box below and press Go:


* Some MPs do not have an email address and/or fax number. Only contact methods that are available will be shown.

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Last modified: Oct 2008