Green Economy

Top tips for fairer trade
5 April 2012

There's a lot you can do to show you want a fairer trade system, support your local community and make the best environmental choices.

Support local producers

Buying locally produced food means more of your money stays in the local economy and less climate changing fossil fuels are used in transportation. Farmers Markets and vegetable box schemes are good sources.

Choose fair trade products

Supporting fair trade schemes challenges the system and helps producers get a fair price. Look for Fair Trade products which ensure coffee farmers, plantation workers etc aren't exploited.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reducing your consumption and impact helps take pressure off the world's natural resources. Recycle paper, cardboard, wood, glass, cans, tins, and plastic bottles. Compost food waste if you can.

Check before you buy

Choosing products carefully can send powerful messages to governments and industry and make your money work for people and the planet. Friends of the Earth has produced some useful guides and league tables to help you:

Invest ethically

Ethical investment is a way of using your money to put pressure on companies that harm the environment or people. By investing your money ethically, you can also support progressive firms like renewable energy suppliers.

For further information:

Fair Trade

Fairtrade Foundation
tel: 020 7405 5943

Local Produce

National Association of Farmers Markets

Soil Association, for vegetable delivery box schemes
tel: 0117 929 0661


tel: 08702 430 136

Community Recycling Network


Visit the Friends of the Earth Shop, for gifts with less environmental impact