Who influences Government?
25 June 2008

There are around 14,000 public affairs lobbyists influencing the decisions made in Government.

The industry has doubled in size since the 1990's.

It has grown to be worth an estimated £1.9 billion a year, the majority of which comes from commercial interests.

Lots of different organisations try to influence Government - that's part of democracy.

At the moment there is no way for the public to know who is lobbying politicians and officials, and what they're trying to influence.

Our right to know

With the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency, we want the UK Government to improve the transparency of lobbying.

We'd like to see the introduction of a simple compulsory system that requires disclosure of lobbyists' activities.

Only increased transparency can make ministers, elected representatives and officials more accountable to the public.

In January an influential parliamentary committee called for a mandatory register of lobbyists .

Special access

Lobbyists are frequently granted privileged access to decision-makers.

Similarly, policy makers and their staff regularly leave office to join the corporate world and vice versa - what's known as the revolving door.

We also want the Government to strengthen rules to put an end to privileged access and slow down the revolving door.

Ask your MP to sign EDM 563 and support our call for greater lobbying transparency in UK politics.

Thanks for your interest, but this action has now expired.

Please visit our online actions page for other actions you can take to support our campaigns.


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