Economics & Resources

Friends of the Earth is campaigning for an economy that works for people and planet.

This means an economy that:

What is a green economy?

Humans are using more of the planet’s minerals, metals, forests, fuels, water and land than ever before.

And our economic system prioritises growth in consumption rather than people’s wellbeing and the environment.

This unsustainable economic system has consequences all over the world, from rising food prices, to deforestation and water shortages.

We see things differently. Our vision is for a green economy where resources are:

  • distributed fairly
  • used at levels which allow nature to flourish.

Our work covers the following areas:

1) Reducing our consumption of resources
Getting companies, organisations and Europe as a whole to measure and reduce its consumption of natural resources.

Read about our 4 footprints.

2) Economics and finance
Economies that work for the environment and people.

3) Transforming the UK Treasury
This is often a block to good environmental policy.

4) Company reporting
Businesses to face up to their environmental and social impacts.

5) Wellbeing
How to guide policies towards improving wellbeing, not just increasing economic growth?


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