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Protect Our Futures
International climate action day. 14 October

What's happening on 14 October?

Join millions of us across the world on 14 October as we take action into our own hands to fight climate change. Together we’ll be showing that people all over the world want an end to dirty energy projects – from fracking in the UK to oil drilling in Peru.

We’re going to make us much noise as possible – and you can be at the heart of it.

Whether it’s signing a petition to stop fracking in Lancashire, spreading the word about climate change on social media or donating to help us carry on our work. There are lots of ways to take part.

Why take part?

To protect our futures we need to keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground. That means no new coal, oil or gas.

Right across the world our global network of climate defenders are on the front line of stopping dirty energy projects - from Africa to Australia to Latin America.

And the momentum is building. We’ve already had some game-changing successes in the fight for a safe climate. The landmark Paris Agreement, signed by 195 countries, shows that when we work together we can create historic change. But it needs you: your voice, your power, your money.

We can curb climate change – if we act together, now.

Why now?

Climate change is here right now – and the effects are devastating for millions of people around the world. The destructive force of recent hurricanes is all too fresh in our minds.

It isn't the time for more dirty energy

By keeping 80% of all remaining fossil fuels in the ground, we will save countless lives.

And we don't need all that coal, oil and gas. Clean energy sources are working brilliantly. Price drops and improvements in renewable technologies – like wind and solar – means a cleaner, brighter future is already possible. Despite this, governments and energy companies aren’t letting go of ancient and dirty fossil fuels fast enough.

It's time to act

We’re joining forces across the world – to protect each other, our shared planet and our future generations.

Now, before it’s too late.

Keep fossil fuels in the ground

Tell the world how you feel about dirty energy