Getting serious about local transport

Councils outside London have to produce local transport plans (LTPs) which set out their strategy on transport.

These say what the council will do on transport for years to come.

Councils are working on their new plans right now. They must make sure cutting carbon is at the heart of their Local Transport Plan.


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Local Transport Plans and Smarter Travel Choices

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How to campaign on Local Transport Plans

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Getting Serious about transport

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We also have a spreadsheet of Local Transport Plans in England

A serious matter

Up to half of the emissions in a council's area can come from transport.

Cutting transport emissions is key to ensuring councils deliver on national climate change targets.

Better car and van efficiency is a step forward. But on its own it's not enough.

To get serious about cutting CO2 in their area councils will need to change how local people travel.

Councils must:

  • Reduce the need for people to travel
    Such as by preventing local services closing
  • Improve alternatives to taking the car
    and make sure people know about them.
  • Encourage low-carbon cars
    Where people still need to drive

What can I do?

This is a key time to talk to councils about transport.

You may be meeting with your council as part of the Get Serious About CO2 campaign. 

Ask your council to make sure carbon cutting is at the heart of their local transport plans.  

Did you know?

Over half of car journeys are shorter than five miles

Department for Transport


We’ve produced this briefing that outlines how councils can cut CO2 from transport. 

Give it to your council to help them write cutting CO2 into their plans.

You can also check out these resources from our activist days on transport.