Props and other creative ideas

Props and costumes help local groups campaign in lots of ways.

  • They draw atttention to your campaign.
  • They create unforgettable images for the media or your webpage.
  • They make campaigning look like the fun we know it is.
  • And they can be reused again and again.

Friends of the Earth provides t-shirts, table covers, banners, flags and ready-to-use props for local groups. 

Prop-making is another fun way in which your members can contribute.

It's not just for artists and creative types – anyone can do it. For example, you could organise a prop-making social for your group ahead of that next stall or publicity stunt.

Inspirational ideas from local groups

We'll be adding links to photos of DIY props like the Leeds group's giant 40% (see picture). Please send photos of anything you're particularly proud of to [email protected].

Online resources for prop-making

And when DIY just isn't enough

Auction or online shopping websites can be useful to browse for unusual resources. For example, the Southwark group bought its polar bear costume online.

polar bear

When time is short, you could also take a look in your local fancy dress or prop hire shop.