Earthmovers Awards

Earthmovers is the prestigious awards ceremony that recognises the outstandihg work of amazing activists, campaigners and local groups within the Friends of the Earth network.

Every year, in the lead-up to Basecamp, we ask Local Groups and staff for nominations in the following 5 categories:

  • Exceptional Campaigner
  • Local Group of the Year
  • Outstanding Community Campaign
  • Friend of Friends of the Earth
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

A panel then shortlists these nominations and all local group members, staff, and Basecamp participants can vote for their favourite candidates.  

The final Awards Ceremony is held at Basecamp.


Both Merthyr Tydfil and Central Lancashire on stage to receive their joint awards
Merthyr Tydfil and Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth receiving their joint Local Group of the Year Award, 2016
Chayley Collis wins the Exceptional Campaigner Award, 2015
Eastbourne Friends of the Earth receives the runners up award in 2013


Clive Anderson and Jon Canter presenting the Earthmovers Awards in 2012


Manchester Friends of the Earth, winner of the Group of the Year, 2014


Anne Schiffer, Friends of the Earth board member, and Declan Allison hosting the Earthmovers Awards, 2014


Harwich Peninsula Friends of the Earth, Earthmovers winners, 2012


Residents Against Fylde Fracking (RAFF), winners of Campaign of the Year at Earthmovers 2013

If you have any queries on the Earthmover Awards, please email [email protected].

Isle of Man Friends of the Earth at Earthmovers 2015