Local groups handbook

The Local Groups Handbook was developed by Friends of the Earth in collaboration with local group members.

It's designed to complement other resources provided by Friends of the Earth and by your wider activist community. Use the handbook to support your growth and development, and also as a practical reference. It can help:

  • You function at your best as a local group.
  • You take action and make a difference locally.
  • Improve communication within the Friends of the Earth network.
  • Expand local action beyond the local group network.

If you're not in a Friends of the Earth local group, you'll still find much of the Handbook is relevant for you and your campaign. 

Each chapter - available below in PDF format - covers one of the key criteria for the success of local groups.



Download the introduction to the handbook

Chapter 1 : Inspiration

Download chapter 1

Chapter 2 : Teamwork

Download chapter 2

Chapter 3 : Action

Download chapter 3

Chapter 4 : Profile

Download chapter 4

Chapter 5 : People

Download chapter 5

Chapter 6 : Resources

Download chapter 6