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Wind power: the facts

Our report brings together the latest evidence and research

November 2014Read more View more

Tell the Welsh Government to ban fracking in Wales

6 reasons why we say no to shale gas

July 2014Read more View more

Make Wales a world-leading sustainable nation

Strong law needed for sustainable development

April 2014Read more View more

New M4 motorway - unnecessary, unaffordable and environmentally devastating

Cost of new road continues to soar while traffic levels fall

April 2014Read more View more

Disastrous new planning law could put profits before people

Stop the Welsh Govt giving big business more say than people

April 2014Read more View more

Come to our National Gathering for inspiration and activism

16th - 18th May, Gladstone's Library, Hawarden, Wrexham

April 2014Read more View more

Warm homes for Wales

New law could reduce emissions, tackle fuel poverty and create jobs

April 2013Read more View more

Help stop fracking in Wales

Fracking for shale gas is terrible news for tackling climate change

August 2012Read more View more

Merthyr defeats massive rubbish incinerator

A victory for people power and for common sense

October 2011Read more View more

Wind Power: 20 Myths Blown Away

The myths blocking development of this clean source of energy.

April 2011Read more View more

Climate science: Countering the myths

We can't afford to ignore expert warnings on climate change

April 2011Read more View more

Manifesto for a greener Wales

A realistic programme for the next Assembly government

April 2011Read more View more

Dai the Dragon demands action at global climate talks

Welsh Minister to take message of action on climate to Mexico

November 2010Read more View more

The future of energy in Wales

Public debate in Cardiff on 11 Feb with Minister Jane Davidson

January 2010Read more View more