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Success stories

Since being established in 1984, Friends of the Earth Cymru has had many victories protecting the environment, working with Welsh communities and our local groups.

Climate change 2010
The Welsh Government, having been the first in the world to set annual targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions after our persistent lobbying, introduced an action plan including many of our recommendations.

Severn Barrage sunk 2010
The long campaign against the large Cardiff to Weston Severn Barrage finally succeeded. The Government was urged to back less damaging ways of harnessing the energy potential of the Severn Estuary.

Yes to wind 2000s
Busting myths about wind power, and campaigns in support of specific projects helped gain clean green energy from windfarms at Cefn Croes (2002), Tir Mostyn (2002), Gwynt y Mor (2009) and Wear Point (2010).

GM-free Wales 2000
The campaign to keep Wales free of genetically modified crops and to support environmentally friendly farming, which was launched in 1999, was unanimously backed by Welsh Assembly Members the following year.

"Filthiest" fuel defeated 1997
A campaign against Pembroke power station's plans to burn orimulsion, described as the world's filthiest fuel, succeeded alongside calls for greater support for energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.

Sea Empress prosecution 1995
Following the Sea Empress oil spill at Milford Haven in 1996, evidence was gathered and a legal case prepared. This was handed over to the Environment Agency which successfully prosecuted the Port Authority in 1999.

Marine life protected 1995
A complaint to Europe, made jointly with Friends of Cardigan Bay to protect this rich marine habitat, forced the UK government to require environmental impact assessments for oil and gas drilling in all UK waters.

Road expansion 1990s-2009
Strong campaigns defeated a number of unnecessary road building projects, from bypasses through Snowdonia in the early 1990s, to the dualling of the A40 in west Wales and the monstrous Gwent Levels motorway in 2009.

Acid rain 1980s
Following its formation in 1984, Friends of the Earth Cymru took a lead role in creating greater awareness of the problem of acid rain. This helped to bring about reductions in polluting emissions in Wales.