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Help the environment - join a local group

Get involved with one of the 20 Friends of the Earth volunteer groups around Wales and help make your local area, and the planet, greener and safer.

From creating wildlife havens and community gardens, to keeping communities safe from fracking and waste incinerators, Friends of the Earth local groups have been making a difference in Wales for the last 30 years.

Join us, and you might be surprised how much fun it can be too - you'll definitely get a great welcome whatever your skills and interests. You'll meet experts and enthusiasts, and also plenty of ordinary people doing their bit on everything from climate change and cleaner energy to safer food and a healthier natural world.

By joining the world's largest network of green campaigners, you'll soon feel that by working together we really can make lasting change. And you never know, we might even lend you our fluffy bee costume for the weekend.

Find your Friends of the Earth local group

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All locations are indicative, and so will not show exact locations.

Starting a local group

Don't worry if there isn't a local group in your area, starting one is easy and we'll give you lots of help and support. Just contact me, Bleddyn Lake, and I'll help get you going: [email protected]

Cardiff Friends of the Earth stall

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