Get involved


Without the support and commitment of volunteers, Friends of the Earth Cymru would not be able to carry out its important campaigning work.

We value and appreciate the contribution that volunteers make to our success, and are committed to ensuring that volunteering is a rewarding and productive experience.

What will I do?

Volunteers are involved in every area of Friends of the Earth Cymru's work from general administration through to campaigning and research. We aim to give volunteers specific roles and projects which support our work, and help volunteers develop their skills and experience. We recognise that people have many different reasons for wanting to volunteer and where possible we try to meet individual needs.

What will I gain?

As a volunteer at Friends of the Earth Cymru you will develop new skills and gain valuable work experience. You will learn about environmental issues in Wales and play an important part in the success of one of Wales' leading environmental pressure groups.

Apply now!

In order to volunteer you need to be within reasonable travelling distance to Cardiff. We are able to pay lunch and travel expenses but we are not able to fund accommodation or relocation costs.

For a volunteer application pack please send us your contact details.

Don't live near Cardiff but would still like to volunteer? Why not join your nearest Friends of the Earth local group.


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