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3 January 2013

A greener Wales - making it happen

Friends of the Earth Cymru's vision for the next Welsh Assembly term

April 2007Read more View more

Green Question Time

Question representatives of the main political parties on their 'Green' policies

April 2007Read more View more

Newport Big Ask Live gig

Newport Friends of The Earth's gig to raise awareness of climate change

November 2006Read more View more

UK Government reopens nuclear debate

New review of our future energy needs

February 2006Read more View more

Recycling in Monmouthshire

Initiative goes from strength to strength.

November 2005Read more View more

The climate is changing

The Big Ask campaign calls Government to cut CO2 emissions

June 2005Read more View more

Scarecrows across Wales demand GM-free fields

Anti-GM scarecrows have left their fields to support local actions across the country and help protect local food and farming from GM contamination.

November 2004Read more View more

Wind farm campaign success!

Assembly committee supports Scarweather Sands offshore wind farm.

September 2004Read more View more

GM Campaign Victory!

The campaign to keep Wales GM Free continues

May 2004Read more View more

Scarweather Sands offshore windfarm

South Wales's first offshore wind farm proposed for Swansea Bay

August 2003Read more View more

Is trade fair?

Find out why global trade is damaging people and the environment and how you can help make trade fair

May 2003Read more View more

Assembly elections 2003

Friends of the Earth Cymru's Green Challenge for the Welsh Assembly elections

April 2003Read more View more

Keep Wales GM free

Friends of the Earth Cymru with the Farmers Union of Wales, the National Federation of Women's Institutes - Wales and GM Free Cymru launch campaign to keep Wales GM free

November 2002Read more View more
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