Assembly committee warns of dangers of waste incineration
6 December 2012

06 December 2012

The Petitions Committee of the National Assembly has today published a report [1] that warns the Welsh Government and local authorities of the dangers of being locked into long term contracts to burn waste.

The report states that supporting waste incinerators could threaten new technologies that may offer more environmentally friendly solutions without the possible health impacts associated with burning waste. The committee has recommended a comprehensive study into potential health risks.

Friends of the Earth Cymru campaigner Haf Elgar said;

"Incineration is not green - it produces toxic ash, air pollution and climate-changing carbon dioxide, and could hit recycling that creates ten times as many jobs.

"Tying scarce public money into this old technology for the next 25 to 30 years, rather than considering more flexible, cheap and environmentally friendly waste solutions, is dangerous and short-sighted - it won't only be rubbish going up in smoke for decades to come.

"Local communities across Wales are opposing these monster incinerators. We're pleased that the Petitions Committee has looked into this matter in such detail and recommends a way forward.

"Now the Welsh Government needs to listen to this advice, and stop supporting the incineration which would be a waste management disaster for Wales."


  1. The committee's report 'The Incineration of Waste' is published today

The Welsh Government will be responding to the report in the new year, and a debate inĀ  plenary will follow.

For further information, please contact Friends of the Earth Cymru on 029 2022 9577