Severn barrage not the solution for economy or energy
31 October 2012

31 Oct 2012

Lord Heseltine, the former Conservative party deputy prime minister, has said in a new report that a Severn barrage offers the possibility of a source of energy and economic regeneration.

But a massive barrage across the Severn is the wrong option for the economy, for clean energy, and for the environment, says Friends of the Earth Cymru.

Gareth Clubb, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, said:

"The UK Government needs to take strong action to support our already thriving green economy.

"But after decades of trying, there has yet to be a realistic proposal for a barrage across the Severn that doesn't come with a massive price tag and have devastating environmental impact.

"If just a fraction of the investment needed to build a concrete barrage was spent on energy efficiency, thousands more jobs would be created. And there are better solutions for capturing the tidal power of the Severn that would have much less damaging consequences, and could give us green energy far sooner than the 20 years it will take a barrage to generate anything at all."