Severn Barrage makes no sense for jobs, energy or environment
8 January 2013

8 January 2013

A Severn barrage could become one of the most expensive renewable energy schemes in history, the Welsh Affairs Committee will be told tomorrow (Wednesday 9 January).
Gareth Clubb, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, will be presenting evidence to the committee in Westminster. He said:
"Building a huge barrage across an important habitat makes no sense for jobs, for energy, or for the environment.
"The future for electricity generation is in decentralised renewable electricity networks. The costs of solar and onshore wind are falling steadily, and will soon leave the business case for a barrage dead in the water.
"A barrage won't be powering a single light bulb until at least 2025. By then it could be one of the most expensive renewable energy schemes in history.
"If we're going to attract billions of pounds in private finance, let's invest in major refurbishment for our dilapidated housing stock. That could make ten times the carbon savings of a barrage, and provide a jobs and business stimulus right across Wales and the UK."

For further information, please contact Friends of the Earth Cymru on 029 2022 9577