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Green Action / Gweithredu Gwyrdd covers the environmental campaigns, actions and issues happening all around Wales.

Green Action '13

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Power to the people - why is renewable power development stalling in Wales? People need power - is it time for Wales to get radical again?

  • The Bee Cause
    How the Welsh Government will be helping our struggling pollinators - and how you can help too
  • Local groups
    Green news from Newport, Llangollen, Caerphilly, Pontypridd and Aberystwyth
  • Sustainable development
    The new law coming to Wales must be strong enough to create a fair and green future for all
  • Warm homes
    Taking households out of fuel poverty is good for jobs and health
  • Inside the Assembly
    The recent Welsh Government cabinet reshuffle could have a major impact on the environment in Wales

Green Action '11

 Green Action 2011

English language (PDF 2.4MB)
Welsh language (PDF 2.4MB)

Our director looks back - and forward - at the challenges of helping make Wales and the world greener. And can serious campaigning be fun? Sometimes acting silly is the best way to win important green action.

  • Monster incinerator
    Communities in Merthyr unite against a waste management disaster
  • Power station breaks the law?
    The European Commission looks at new Pembrokeshire power station
  • No new nuclear
    Energy efficiency and renewable power way forward for Wales
  • Warm homes
    Taking households out of fuel poverty is good for jobs and health
  • Inside the Assembly
    New government, new powers. More action?
  • Community energy
    A guide to generating power and earning money in your area

Green Action '10

Green Action magazine 2010

English language (PDF 1.4MB)
Welsh language (PDF 1.4MB)

Sir John Houghton, one of the world's leading climate scientists, talks about scientific rigour, hope, denial, and how the world can be a better place.

  • Qualified to say
    World-renowned Welsh climate scientist speaks out
  • Green energy
    The good, the bad, and the maybe
  • Inside the Assembly
    It's been all change in Welsh politics
  • Councils go green
    Encouraging our councils to Get Serious about CO2
  • Climate myths
    And the facts that counter them
  • Justice for Merythr
    Our lawyers help one of Wales' most deprived communities

Green Action '09

Green Action magazine 2009

English language (PDF 2MB)
Welsh language (PDF 2MB)

Could a green new deal mean more jobs for Wales? How Welsh farmers can benefit if we break the link between intensive livestock production and rainforest destruction.

  • Fix the food chain
    What's feeding your food?
  • Green jobs
    'Now is the time to act on green jobs'
  • Greener energy
    Is energy in Wales getting greener?
  • Inside the Assembly
    There's been a lot of green talk, now where's the action?
  • Welsh emissions
    At a glance graphics help you make sense of the figures

Green Action '08

Green Action magazine 2008

English language (PDF 2.4MB)
Welsh language (PDF 2.4MB)

What must the Welsh Assembly do to lead Wales to a greener future? Bust some of the myths about wind power. Find out how to get involved with a Friends of the Earth local group in your area.

  • Severn tidal power
    Barrage not the only option
  • What to do about waste
    Why sending our rubbish up in smoke is not the answer
  • The path to three per cent
    How the Welsh Assembly Government can lead us to the carbon emission cuts we need
  • Motorway madness
    The campaign to stop the motorway proposed through important habitat
  • Wind myths
    Discover the truth about our most advanced renewable technology
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