Can timber companies prove that they source good wood?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification sets the strongest available standard for new wood.

The FSC issues certificates for areas of forest managed to this environmental and social standard. The timber and timber products produced from these forests can then carry the FSC mark.

Most FSC timber certifications are highly reliable - guaranteeing that wood has been sourced sustainably and improving forestry standards in many countries.

But we're concerned at reports that some FSC certificates are failing to guarantee rigorous environmental and social standards. As a result the mark’s credibility is being undermined.

Friends of the Earth is supporting a review of the FSC scheme to understand how it needs to be strengthened in order to guarantee the highest environmental and social standards in all cases.

Until those changes have been identified and adopted we will not be able to unreservedly recommend the FSC mark.

The best environmental choice is to repair, restore or adapt an existing item or to buy second-hand.

If you need to buy a new item of furniture, ask the shop or trader for locally-sourced timber.