Meat Free May photographers show us how it's done

Lorena Vila

18 June 2015

A massive thank you to everyone who shared their yummy food pictures with us during Meat Free May. 

Judging the winners did involve having to eat lunch at 11am because everything looked so delicious. Which was slightly inconvenient, but worth it.

We have 3 fantastic winners who will all receive a copy of New Feast and Kenkō Kitchen from our fab partners Hardie Grant Books UK.

All this foodie madness is mouth-watering fun, and one pic at a time you are fighting a broken food system. Producing meat uses 75% of all the agricultural land in the world and creates 14.5% of global greenhouse gases - contributing to climate change. 

By cutting down how much meat we eat, and eating better meat, we are making a change.

If you are wondering what to do post Meat Free May, check out our Let's Eat Better pledge. It’s fun, easy and might be right up your street:

Take the Let's Eat Better pledge

Now for our amazing #meatfreemay photo of our 3 winners *drumroll*:

Winner no. 1: Josh M (@JoshMalc on Twitter) who won with his mouthwatering toasted pine kernel delight of a recipe:

Winner no. 2: Celia Briseid @CBriseid who gives us a seasonal, smooth and crunchy mix-a delightful green snack:

Winner no.3: Betsy Mullins (betsykatemullins on Instagram) with a particularly beautiful close up of a whole host of exciting and less common ingredients which we were thouroughly impressed by:

Now for some special mentions.

I was also moved, almost to tears (I know) by willtippett who has just moved in with his girlfriend. He was making wonderful veggie breakfasts and meals for friends and sharing them with us through the power of Instagram:

I also enjoyed fat.girl.slim’s contributions, she says she is ‘Just a girl trying whole heartedly to get fit, healthy and strong. Hoping to gain inspiration from others and maybe give a little out’. What a legend: 


Yumsville, sweet potato, pesto, falafel, egg and salad.... #postworkout #meatfreemay #meatfree #carbcycling #protein

A photo posted by my big fat fitness diary (@fat.girl.slim) on May 12, 2015 at 11:14am PDT

Also big up the commitment of Food diary1506, offering us a photo every day, she is ‘Embracing all plant based whole foods & trying to avoid overly processed food’. And it all looks amazingly delicious:

So thank you again. Here’s to makin’ a bad thing good one delicious meal at a time.

And if you haven’t had enough, just to whet your appetite, below are just some all-round fantastic entries which I had to crowbar in to this blog. To see them all just search #meatfreemay on Twitter or Instagram:



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