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York's Jammed: Put the brake on traffic growth

Do you want to be able to get where your going in York quickly, safely and cheaply?Do you want safe streets to play, walk and cycle on?Do you want healthy streets with less pollution?

Then join our campaign - York's Jammed: Put the Brake on Traffic Growth.

York Council is consulting on 'Tackling traffic congestion in York'. but all of the options will put more traffic on our roads over the next 10 years.

Instead we need to stop any more traffic growth and support:

  • cheap, reliable, public transport
  • better pedestrian and cycle routes
  • people switching to cheaper, healthier, more sustainable transport
  • safe streets for everyone

If you agree with us and want to 'Put the brake on traffic growth' in York - take one of the easy actions below

1. Email your Councillor and the Chair of the Traffic Congestion CommiteeThis is the biggest impact you can have - writing a personalised email makes a huge difference (or use the draft text below). It doesn't have to be long, just a few lines. Say that you want the council to aim for at least a zero growth in traffic. Make sure to add your address so they know you live in York.

Email your councillor: If you don't know your councillor or ward find them on or go directly to the council's website for their contact details. 

Email: Dave Merrett - [email protected]  (Chair of the Traffic Congestion Ad hoc Scrutiny Committee)

2. Join the facebook groupFor more info and updates join us

3. Tell your friendsForward this link to people you know and ask them to get involved

Draft text to councillor and Dave Merrett - personalise for more impact

I am writing to you regarding York City Council’s future transports plans and particularly the current consultation on tackling traffic in York. The consultation gives us little choice other than to opt for an increase in traffic levels ranging from eight to 20 per cent. The last thing we need in York is yet more traffic.

I strongly believe that we should be aiming for at least zero growth in motorised transport in the future.

The reasons for this are numerous. Our health is affected by rising pollution levels across the city particularly on Gillygate, Fishergate gyratory and Nunnery Lane. The Council will find it difficult to achieve its recent commitment to cut local CO2 emissions by at least 40 per cent by 2020 with rising transport emissions. Rising traffic levels will cost people and businesses money, time and frustration and we must plan for the likelihood of increased fuel prices by providing affordable, accessible transport.

Instead York must show bold and ambitious leadership through innovative schemes that support cheap, reliable, public transport, better pedestrian and cycle routes, people switching to cheaper, healthier, more sustainable transport and safe streets for everyone.

This has been achieved in many other cities and we can do the same here to create a healthy, safe, accessible city.

Please can you pass on my comments to the relevant councillors or committees and show your support for less traffic, not more, in York.

Yours sincerely


If you want to get more involved email [email protected]