Free National Curriculum-based teaching resources.

There are teaching resources about bees for primary schools, developed as part of our current campaign, 'The Bee Cause'. This includes games, activities, an assembly, worksheets and help to create bee-friendly areas in schools.

Below are the links to our resources which you can download in PDF format. Or order print copies from our Shop.

Secondary (11-16 yrs)

Shout about packs

'Shout about' was Friends of the Earth's activity project for 11-13 yr olds which ran between 2003 and 2009. You can download the activity packs below. They still contain a lot of relevant materials and activities.

Shout about climate solutions 2009
(PDF format - 2.4Mb)
This activity pack includes everything you need to know to start shaping your own climate-friendly community.

Shout about climate solutions 2007
(PDF format - 1.6Mb)
Find out more about the UK climate change law, Parliament and the role of NGOs.
Read the review magazine (PDF format).

Shout about climate solutions 2006
(PDF format - 1.28Mb)
Explore solutions to climate change with a range of activities designed to bring the issue to life in the classroom / youth group setting.

Read the review magazine (PDF format).

Shout about climate change 2005
(PDF format - 750K)
Look at the causes, effects and what we can do about climate change.

Read the review magazine (PDF format).

Shout about waste cover

Shout about waste 2003
(PDF format - 572K)
From history of waste to the 3 R's (reduce, re-use, recycle), explore the issues with this activity pack.


Information booklets


Information booklets

Fully-illustrated in colour and suitable for ages 11+. Each A5 title provides a straight-forward introduction to an environmental issue and practical advice on how to make a difference.



Please note the four titles below do not reflect our most recent campaigns, but the lesson plans are still a useful resource for Key Stage 3. They are no longer available in print, but can be easily printed - follow these simple instructions.

Our latest information booklets - listed below - are available in print or to download here.

  • Environmental justice 
  • Feed in tariffs and the renewable heat incentive
  • Green economy
  • How we can have a healthy planet
  • How we can have a safe climate
  • Renewable energy
  • Transport
  • Waste
  • Wind power

Primary (5-10 yrs)

Mad about posters

Mad about posters

Designed for 5-10 yr olds, these colourful posters provide useful information and suggestions on how to make a difference. The accompanying lesson plans have curriculum links into geography, citizenship, ICT and English.

Local group education network

Friends of the Earth local group members offer their time to visit schools and youth clubs

  • To find out if there is a local group educator in your area please contact our information service team.
  • See our Community site if you would like to find out more about the local groups and their activities.

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