Funny girl

Francesca Martinez was an actor before she got into comedy. And it was by accident she discovered a talent for getting laughs.

She was researching a part as a stand-up and had joined a comedy workshop.

It’s not something you should end up bluffing.

After six weeks of not saying a word, she plucked up the courage to do something.

I performed it badly, but it made people laugh.

Francesca is not in the business of one-liners. Most of her jokes come from real-life observations, or things she feels passionate about. Like the environment.

My mum used to volunteer for Friends of the Earth when I was growing up, and the environment was very strong in my family.

That’s why she’s agreed to appear at LIVEstock, a comedy and music night in support of our Food Chain Campaign.

It’s common sense, I have an awful feeling that human beings don’t act until it’s too late. I don’t want to be part of the problem.

Francesca will be joining the likes of Stephen MerchantRichard Herring and Razorlight at the Hammersmith Apollo on 12 November.