How clean is your house?

Kathy Durnford from Brighton keeps her house chemical free

Sometimes I feel like I’m in that TV programme, How Clean is Your House? I use a lot of white vinegar – instead of bleach, say – to clean my skirting boards. I also use lemon juice – it’s really cheap, and because it’s non-toxic it’s much safer to use around my children. I squirt the toilet with lemon juice and then scrub – it dissolves limescale because it’s so acidic. I use Ecover concentrated washing-up liquid to do the plates. In Brighton we can get refills, so it’s even cheaper if you take the bottle in with you. I also use lemon juice or washing soda crystals on the floor (they produce a bit of foam).

Friends suggested these tips, but I do them for three reasons. Firstly, I didn’t want chemicals for my children Leonie, 6, and Daniel, 2, to get hold of; secondly, money; and thirdly, I didn’t want to flush things out into the sea – I know what it does to all the marine life.

In Brighton it is easy to see how polluted the sea is as the sewage overflow comes out under the Palace Pier. After a storm you can see the raw sewage in the water.

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This is an extract from Save cash & save the planet.