Eco careers - solar panel installer

As part of our series looking at eco-careers, we spoke to Glen McClure about installing solar panels to generate green electricity.

What do you do?

I’m a senior roofer at Joju Solar. I install solar panels on rooftops, which trap sunlight to generate green electricity. Solar panels let you get paid for the electricity you produce – and avoid rocketing fossil fuel prices. 

You also reduce your carbon footprint. 

Describe a typical day

A residential installation is usually an 8-hour job. First I look at the state of the roof, replacing the odd tile if necessary. Another company puts up the scaffolding. I give this the once-over, then start getting the panels on.

It's a great job. I know I’m part of a team making houses green. 

It's an outside job. Can you work in the rain?

If I can keep the inside of the roof and the loft dry, I can work even in snow. Of course the electrics and cable in the roof are protected from rain and snow anyway.

How do I get into this industry?

Most people enter the solar panel installation industry having done an electrical apprenticeship, followed by a City & Guilds qualification in Installing and Testing Domestic Photovoltaic Systems

And after having worked on site, there are opportunities to become a project manager.

Or you could do a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy and learn how to design and specify renewable energy systems.

You don’t have to be an engineer or an electrician - one of its strengths is the diversity of other students on the course.  

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