Keeping homes under wraps

Pulling on an extra sweater in cold weather is second nature for anyone who’s lived through a harsh British winter.

It’s the same when it comes to keeping houses warm. As well as cutting fuel bills, better heating systems and insulation could reduce emissions from homes by 60 per cent.

We caught up with pensioner, Ron Botting, who’s reaping the benefits of keeping his home well wrapped up.

Out with the old...

With an out-dated system and poor insulation, Mr Botting was spending over the odds to keep warm.

First off, he invested in a new heating system. His old boiler was so inefficient that most of the energy used to run it was being wasted.

And in with the new

Mr Botting has given his home the equivalent of a woolly jumper and a thermal hat. Layers of loft lagging up top and insulation in the walls help to keep the heat inside.

We’ve been snug ever since. In the last three years, the gas heater hasn’t been on.

Ron Botting

All in a day’s work

Mr Botting

Loft lagging and cavity wall insulation can usually be installed in less than a day.

What’s more, many people are eligible to receive a grant for insulating their homes.

There’s extra help too for those most at risk. In fact, Mr. Botting had the work done completely free of charge.

If every household in the land was to do the same, there'd be a tremendous saving.

Ron Botting

Reaping the benefits

As well as keeping him warm, Mr Botting’s new installations are also saving him cash. Comparing fuel bills from before and after, he’s saving around 30 per cent.

The saving was enormous. I was paying £42 a month and it came down to £30.

Ron Botting

Regulating building standards

For Mr Botting, it’s common sense to introduce minimum building standards.

He’s spent lots of time in Scandinavia where houses hold heat exceedingly well. In fact, new British houses retain heat less effectively than Scandinavian homes built before WW2.

Supporting The Big Ask

Insulating our homes better is just one of many ways to save energy and help reduce climate changing gases.

The Energy Centre for Sustainable Communities provides advice on reducing energy consumption in homes.

You can also do an online home energy check with The Energy Savings Trust.