Johnny Borrell

Even the Queen's heard Razorlight play. Their last album sold over a million copies.

But lead singer Johnny Borrell knows it's not just on-stage that things are hotting up. Last year he pledged his support for The Big Ask to help tackle climate change.

He's promoting the campaign on tour, urging fans to sign up. We spoke to him after he'd spent a low-carbon day with Friends of the Earth.

If you care about something you should get involved in it. You shouldn't be scared of standing up for what you believe in.

Johnny Borrell, Razorlight

When did you start thinking about climate change?

Last year I saw An Inconvenient Truth with some mates. We all just looked at each other and said we've got to do something.

The next day I phoned up Friends of the Earth, said hi I'm Johnny and I'd like to help out.

Why do you support Friends of the Earth?

I'm terrified about climate change and want to take the most significant action I can. For me that has to involve the Government – that's what attracted me to Friends of the Earth and The Big Ask.

I’d like to think I’d be doing everything I could even if we were still playing the Dublin Castle.

Johnny on tackling climate change

How was your low-carbon day?

I did a variety of things I would normally do, but in ways that are carbon efficient. It was well worth doing.

I drove an electric scooter, recorded in a solar powered studio and had lunch in a restaurant that sources everything within the M25.

It shows that there are climate solutions out there. Places like the studio could become the mainstream.

What can people do?

You can switch to low energy light bulbs and think about how much water you use. But you can also make your voice heard – which I think is absolutely crucial.

It's so easy to do. Go to the website, send the email off to your MP and tell your friends about it. A few days later I had letters coming back from my MP.

Johnny on The Big Ask campaign

And for an encore?

If we get a strong climate law I think it will have an effect on every kind of industry – a great step in the right direction.

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