Kurt Jackson

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Friends of the Earth meets Kurt Jackson
[Please note: video contains two uses of strong language]

Leading landscape artist Kurt Jackson’s paintings sell for tens of thousands of pounds and are snapped up by the rich and famous.

Now he’s donated the proceeds from two gorgeous works - hanging in Messum's gallery - to support Friends of the Earth’s work on climate change.

The time is right. Friends of the Earth is speaking very loudly about climate change. That’s why I want to back them. It’s important to me.

The Jackson's live in a carbon neutral home in Penwith - one of just a handful in the country.

A wind turbine in the garden generates all their required energy. They also have a heat exchange pump buried deep under the house. Excess power is fed back into the National Grid.

They grow most of their own vegetables and have built a fresh water, eco-friendly pond in a nearby field.

Kurt wants to ensure his way of living and working does as little damage as possible to the landscape he loves.

I see myself as an environmentalist. It’s my main concern. It’s the fundamental issue and springboard for everything else in my life.

Kurt’s desire to protect what he paints started at a young age. He studied Zoology rather than art and has been a member of Friends of the Earth since he was a teenager.

He’s been artist in residence at Glastonbury Festival since 1999. Subjects have included Coldplay, Oasis and Radiohead. The work is then auctioned off raising vital funds for environmental charities.

Kurt is renowned for immersing himself in the world around him. He regularly paints large canvases out on the Cornish cliff tops.

When out painting you see seasonal changes happening later and earlier. I was on the beach in December and I painted butterflies. Butterflies in December… it’s bizarre. Just before Christmas I found a foxglove in full bloom near my house – it’s a spring flower.

Images of Kurt's life and work


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