Today I ate my first lettuce

The story below is courtesy of Victoria Denham. The winner of our Green Stories Competition and a £100 voucher for our shop.

Over to you Victoria:

Today I ate my first piece of lettuce. Well I say my first, I've eaten lettuce before of course but not lettuce like this.

My new year resolution 2007 – grow my own vegetables.

I can't describe the satisfaction in eating that perfect piece of green. The first harvest my modest little pot garden has yielded.

A true testament that if I can do it, anyone can. It didn't take anything extravagant either.

A piece of lettuce

I don't have a large garden or allotment I've never gardened before and I don't have much money either since I'm a student. All it took was soil, seeds, a sunny spot and a little bit of love and care.

My whole world has come to life with plants.

Everyday now holds a little bit more excitement for me. I come down every morning and delight in seeing new buds poke their sleepy heads out of the dirt.

Branching out

Now I'm ecstatic my peas and beans are climbing, my strawberries are spreading and my butternut plant has survived.

Plus I'm winning a competition against my mother (a long time gardening fanatic) who inspected my crops the other day. Much to her dismay mine were doing far better than hers.

When I took the first bite of that lettuce that's when it all sunk in for me. I did this. I grew this from nothing. Nothing to me has ever tasted better.


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