It's the little things that count

Sue Davis was a runner up in our Green Stories competition.


In her own words:

There are many positive things happening to make a real difference to climate change. The challenge is to keep this momentum going until it becomes a way of life.

I have made many, many small changes to my life, most of which have been easy and rewarding.

My proudest moment was coming home with a car full of wood for our wood burner that I rescued out of a skip (with permission).

I now find I have an unhealthy interest in the contents of peoples skips...

Sue Davis on her proudest green achievement

Excuses, excuses

When I'm talking to people about simple changes to reduce their carbon footprint the response is often the reasons why they can't do it.

My flat is too small to separate waste, I have the wrong light fittings for low energy light bulbs, I can't afford it, I need a 4x4 etc

Sue Davis lists some green excuses

Green gain vs green pain

As time has gone on I have found more ways to be green.

Yes it's a pain sometimes to do a trip to a bottle bank but it is so satisfying to smash glass for a good cause. 

It's not cheap to put in solar power but how rewarding to get free hot water.

We have to think ahead to get to the farmers' market or the local organic shop without increasing our carbon miles, but the food definitely tastes better

It takes more time to dispose of things: Freecycle, recycle, offer to a friend. But it feels great seeing something leave the house that is not going into a tip

One of the most painful changes was getting back on my bike after 20 years. I have now invested in a bigger saddle.

Sue Davis on green pain

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