Martha Tilston

It’s a busy summer for singer, songwriter and Friends of the Earth supporter Martha Tilston who’s barely touching base between festivals this summer. We caught up with Martha at Wychwood Festival.

What Friends of the Earth stands for is the most important thing at the moment; looking after the planet, because there is nothing without the planet.

Marth Tilson on Friends of the Earth

She grew up in Bristol with musical parents – both of them singers – but now calls Brighton home.

Are there local issues in Brighton that concern you?

There is so much shopping. It is so full on in Brighton.

But Brighton also has a good undercurrent of action. It’s a good hub for people to get together and discuss different ways of tackling stuff.

I expect our kids will look back and be embarrassed that we were consumerists and put them in labelled gear.

Martha on consumerism

What prompted you to write the song "Good world"?

I went to see the Al Gore film (An Inconvenient Truth) – it’s like a horror film that you don’t want to watch.

I started to worry about the world ending and what we are doing to our kids. You need to believe something is worth doing to give it a go.

This planet is beautiful, it has everything we need – the song reminds us of that.

We have a really important job on our hands.

Martha on climate change

When writing a song, which comes first, the lyric or the verse?

The best songs are the ones where they come together. They feel like they come through you.

Nobody notices the songs that you slave over and try to be really clever with.

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