Penney Poyzer

Penney Poyzer, proud owner of one of the most advanced eco-retrofit homes in Britain, and This Morning’s very own Queen of Green gives us her take on technology, guilt, Government and the rest.

So Penney, what are you up to at the moment?

I’m being very sexist and writing a book that’s just for women. I’d been filming Through the Keyhole (all very showbiz) and afterwards, the audience of ladies came up to me and said:

You’re so right… What are we leaving for our children? We want to start changing things. I think it’s time to wake up the women.

Penney Poyzer

Do you think technology can play a part in the solution?

We’re all so addicted to the idea of the techno fix. We think if we buy the right stuff, we can buy our way out of climate change.

This just isn’t true. It’s a mixture of getting hold of fantastic technology but it has to be down to consuming less.

My partner and I decided to take the worst example of housing that we could possibly find in terms of energy efficiency, and just see how far we could take it.

Do you have any advice for people who suffer from green-guilt?

People inevitably feel guilty that they’re not doing enough about the environment so the last thing they need is someone saying yes, you’re absolutely right. You’ve really screwed up the planet and it’s all your fault.

The trouble with climate change is that it is a man-made thing. It makes it feel so much worse because it is our fault.

However, this could be our greatest opportunity. What we’ve done in the last 50 years is destroy community. We’ve lost entirely that sense of Team Britain.

Faced with climate change, we could rekindle the idea that actually we do need other people to survive.

What are your views on the Government's role?

What a cowardly, cowardly Government. It needs to grow a large, green pair of balls. They’ve known for years about the issues facing us in terms of the climate.

On recycling, we’re just scraping above Portugal and Greece. We are still the filthy old man of Europe.