A recipe for avoiding pumpkin waste

Lorena Vila

01 November 2016

A pumpkin isn’t just for Halloween. It’s a reason to eat loads of tasty food! So why are only 5% of the pumpkins we buy in the UK used for soups, stews and pies? 

A pumpkin is not just for Halloween. We can all save money and food by using those delicious insides all year round. Let’s stop 18,000 tonnes of squash going to landfill - that’s the weight of 1,500 double decker buses - one Halloweeny horror we can avoid.

If food waste makes you cross, join our call for an EU commitment to halve food waste:

Six tips for avoiding pumpkiny food waste:

1. Start from seed and grow your own, then save your seeds to grow another

Really good fun with to do with kids. If you want to grow some different varieties then you could get these: Jack be LittleBaby Pam and Baby Bear - a sweet selection. Here are some fantastic tips for growing your own in the Spring.

Pumpkin grown from seed © Laura Ferreira/FlickrCC

2. Choose the perfect pumpkin

If you're buying, ask in the shop for a tasty and tough pumpkin. There are so many varieties. Why not buy from your local market/producer? They will probably have a bigger range of these beauties. If you've grown your own already here's tips on how to harvest and store them.

Some pumpkin varieties
Some pumpkin varieties © Tambako the Jaguar/FlickrCC

3. Scoop out as much as you can - and store it 

Fresh pumpkin will keep in the fridge for around 3 days, or frozen it will last up to 8 months.

A pumpkin scooped
A pumpkin scooped © clarkmaxwell/flickrCC

4. Make a delicious meal with these easy pumpkin recipes

Here’s 10 recipes and 30 more if those aren’t enough - the seeds are delicious roasted too

Tasty pumpkin bites
Tasty pumpkin bites © Djuliet/FlickrCC

5. Compost your pumpkin

Make more lovely soil with the bits you don't eat. Tips on easy composting here.

Lovely compost
Lovely compost © Istock

6. Save wasted pumpkins on a fun day out

Head along to a Pumpkin Rescue event near you for food, tips and action - they're loads of fun! Or save pumpkins and other lovely veg all year round by joining the gleaning community who do just that.

Pumpkins and other veg on Trafalgar Square
Pumpkins and other veg gleaned on Trafalgar Square © Adrian Brooks/Imagewise

88 million tonnes of grub are wasted across Europe each year. Help us persaude the EU to cut this in half:

Cut food waste in half 

First published on 30 October 2015

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