Saira Kahn

It’s been said that Saira Khan could sell ice to an Eskimo. But this entrepreneur is keeping her feet on the ground with a new eco-friendly business.

Miamoo offers baby skincare goodies free from chemicals used in cosmetics, pesticides and shampoos. We caught up with Saira.

I made my own opportunities. Take responsibility for your actions and when you feel empowered, you can do anything.

Saira Khan, Miamoo

When is a business genuinely eco?

Starting a business is not all about money – it’s about what you do with that money.

I work with small businesses and we’re choosy about where we sell. We give independent shops something the big stores don't have.

Demonstrate that it comes from the heart no matter how big the company grows.

Saira on eco values

What's your inspiration?

I came from a poor family. My ambition was to have the best of everything. Then I went travelling – it made me realise we have so much we don’t need.

For example?

I can’t believe how many plastic toys are on the market. I have one niece and three nephews and when Auntie Saira visits we don’t sit in front of the telly.

Kids love to get their Wellies on and plant something. I get excited when shoots come through – imagine what that’s like for kids.

We’re not giving our kids the future they want.

Can Government help?

If a community wants a recycling bin at the end of their street, they should have one.

This is the hypocrisy of Government – talking about global issues when they can’t get the basics right. You need to start local.

What's our role?

Saira has launched It's a campaign to help people have a say.

It’s all about the community’s voice. Your voice.

At the markets in Southall you can get three bunches of coriander for a quid. Why go to Sainsbury’s and buy five stems for the same price?

Saira on community voice

Interested in starting your own business?

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