10:10:10. A global day of doing

The 10th of October marks a global day of action to tackle climate change.


Across the world, thousands of people will take simple steps to reduce their emissions, cutting carbon and sending a powerful message to world leaders that people everywhere are ready to tackle climate change.

From sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Japan to a carbon-cutting telethon in the Netherlands, this is going to be a really inspirational day.

We'd encourage everyone to get involved - have a look at our Lifestyle pages for inspiration.

The big picture

Tackling climate change isn't all about personal action though - we urgently need to change the systems that keep emissions so high.

Getting involved with Friends of the Earth will give you all sorts of opportunities to influence the people in power - and make changes to policies in favour of people and planet.

From local campaigns to global movements, we've hopefully got actions to suit you. Take a look at what's going on.

Find out more about 10:10:10

You can find out more about the global day of doing on the 10:10:10 website

Good luck with whatever action you take.