Top Restaurants Back GM Food Ban

Most of the country's leading restaurants have given their backing to a campaign calling on the Government to impose a five year ban on genetically modified (GM) food.

More than three-quarters of the 23 “Top Rated Restaurants” in The Good Food Guide 1999 have agreed to support Friends of the Earth's campaign calling for a five year GM ban “to allow for further research into their impacts on health and the environment, and for the public to decide whether they want this new technology to be introduced into the UK.”

The Good Food Guide's top rated restaurants are considered to be the best in the country. The guide ranks them as scoring eight, nine, or ten out of ten. In its editorial this year the Guide itself also expresses concern saying: “To introduce 'experimental' herbicide-resistant [genetically modified] crops without some soundly based assurance is madness, albeit perfectly legal madness... If BSE has taught us anything, it is surely to be cautious about tampering with natural processes, however well-intentioned, however plausibly the benefits are packaged.”

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