Over 300 MPs support The Big Ask!

308 MPs have now signed the Early Day Motion in support of the Climate Change Bill.

This is absolutely fantastic news!

A further 9 MPs who can't sign the EDM have also pledged their support. This brings the total up to 317 - hurrah!

Thank you so much to the tens of thousands of you who have written, emailed or talked to your MPs. You have made the difference.

Looking forward

In 2006 we aim to raise the number of MPs who have signed EDM 178 to 400.

308 MPs have signed the EDM - only 92 more to go
before we hit our target!

We really need your help. Please spread the word to everyone you know - asking them to contact their MP and ask him/her to sign EDM 178.

You can find out if your MP has signed here. But remember, even if they have signed it's vital that they continue to receive emails and letters from people - to keep the pressure on.


The success of The Big Ask is because of the support from each and every person that has contacted their MP so far. At this important milestone of 300, we just want to take stock - and simply say - thank you.

Here's to reaching 400 MPs in 2006!